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This Philosophy section refers not to the general subject alone, or to any specific teachers made historically significant. Rather, it is a collection of my ramblings, thoughts, observations, and insights about the world as they carry me to greater understanding. So by all means, do not take these as masterpieces. Don’t tear me down if the writing is terrible, because the structure of our thoughts is nowhere near perfect.

And this, more or less, is what this section holds. My thoughts, influenced by certain events that eventually lead back to my core values, principles, or truths, if you will. Since I am always in pursuit of seeking greater truth and unlocking the nature of the world, I find “Philosophy” to be a proper name for this section.

Just Some Quick Thoughts...

Some call it the Occult, some call it the Supernatural. I don’t care what you call it, as long as you understand what it is: it is knowledge of what is not visible. Forget all connotations associated with this simple phrase. It is not evil, and it is not just for crazy people. Everyone believes in an aspect of hidden knowledge at some level—whether it is God, ghosts, or having a soul. These beliefs are integral to societies since their beginnings, and continue to plague us even in a time where science is now our God. But hey, even science, knowledge of the measurable or visible, is based on things that we can’t see.

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