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Which depiction of me would you like? What others see, or how I perceive myself?

Well, I will try my best to reconcile both views, as more than one perspective almost always tells a better story.

I am a Scorpio; there, I said it. I usually guard this precious identity until others ask me, because I find great power in holding my own identity while unveiling others’. You are unlikely to know an ordinary person who knows more about the Zodiac than I do. 

With that, I reveal my love for exploring unconventional fields of knowledge. I go into more of this on my Philosophy page. These ideas are an important aspect of who I am, and I warn you that such ideas will incessantly pop up on the website.

I am a Biology student at U of I, hoping to graduate next year. I was pre-vet until this year; now I hope to go into Wildlife Biology or Conservation Biology and have a greater influence on others about nature and the environment. There are many fields I can get into with this path, and I am very excited.

Nature fuels my soul. I love being outdoors and with animals. I have two turtles who I absolutely love, and I am now getting into plants. One of my goals in life it so explore the world; I love to travel, though sadly I have barely left the state of Illinois in the past 4 years.

I am continually fascinated my other cultures and ideas. It is our duty as human beings to experience other cultures, I believe, in order to enrich ourselves and gain respect for other people. We are in a globalized society now; what choice do we have but to accept others?

Exploring other cultures means trying different food. I love food! Especially Thai food, and I’m getting pretty savvy at cooking it.

Other sensuous pleasures of this world I enjoy: dancing, music, and martial arts. I love all types of music, I play the cello, I love to dance, and I practice Tae Kwon Do. I like pushing myself physically, so I also run and rollerblade.

As for my personality… I’m very quiet. But I can be loud. It all depends on the context. I like to sit back, listen, and analyze. I don’t like to impose myself on other people, so I tend to keep a low personality. Underneath, however, I’m very passionate and sensitive. I have strong beliefs and I’m a realist; yet I also let my mind soar. Add a dash of sarcasm and creativity, and you get an interesting mix. I bet I confuse some people… hell, I know I perplex myself.

I tend to be independent. I guess I have a strong personality, but I’m very open to other experiences and other views… that’s what life is all about. Expanding ourselves and connecting to other people. That’s what I strive for in this life.

It’s all about finding a balance. But being human, it is hard… I am fortunate to be in love with a remarkable individual who embraces life in all its ups and downs, from whom I’m always taking life’s lessons. He takes everything in stride, keeps a sense of humor and is always smiling. Bill, I love you.

Everything I learn, and all of the challenges I encounter and overcome in this world, I hope to share with others; this website is a start. It is my hope to give light to others, so they may find their way, and so they, too, may influence others. We are all connected, sharing the same destination, as described in Farid ud-Din Attar’s “Conference of the Birds.” Why not share our journeys?


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