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A Turn to Nature: A Night of Reflections (2/22/06)

These are just a few of my thoughts . . .

There is nothing wrong with having power, as long as it comes from within; it should not come from taking other peoples’ energy, and should not be used to exploit others. An inner power radiates outward, and to those who are receptive to it, are empowered.

Turn to nature when in doubt. We are altering our environment far too much, as it is changing the natural energy flow. Turn to nature, and you will see the natural flow of energy that unites us all.

The goal of this life should be connection; total understanding of one another. Synergy.

Human conflict arises from an imbalance of power, when we try to restore our own power by taking from others… but there can be no victor in this relationship.

The world of science arose from an overthrow of an old (Western) worldview. We needed to explore the world in a systematic way, to understand our surroundings, make their nature more concrete to us, so we would feel secure . . .

The scientist manifests existence based on observation, experimentation, and formulation of laws that govern nature. But the deeper meaning we are searching for can only be grasped intuitively. That’s why I believe that every scientist needs to also be a philosopher at heart.

My soul was awakened this night. All of these things, I have known, and have been reaffirmed.

Though I am still reading this book with scrutiny, I will reveal to you its title: The Celestine Prophecy, by James Redfield. (Warner Books, New York: 1993). It is not very well written, and the concepts may appear in an almost commercialized fashion; a typical revealing-the-meaning-of-our-existence story. Yet it has made some very interesting points that rejuvenated my own beliefs, which laid strong within me long before I began turning this book’s pages; I assure you that this book did not brainwash me.

Since all of life should be about connection . . . I could see no better call to action than sharing this recent inspiration. I hope and urge you that, please, may you find your own.


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