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George Carlin Was Right (Original writing 1/12/06; revised 1/18/06)

This is after watching George Carlin’s “Life is Worth Living,” and “What am I Doing in New Jersey?” though I’ve also seen a few others.

George Carlin is right about us Americans being fat and dumbasses and assholes. And how the really wealthy – companies, essentially – OWN us. They take more and more for themselves leaving the little guy with less and less. And how the politicians are just there to make us (plain old average Americans) think we have control over what goes on in our country. But what does it matter, when we’re kept happy with consumption, the thing we were born to do? Consumption of food and things we don’t need. He describes America as one big shopping mall from coast to coast which, I’m sorry to admit, is an accurate description. To word it more nicely than George Carlin did, only a couple of nitwits like us would let a once beautiful, pristine country go to waste like this. And how sad – that the American Dream is what it is because you have to be asleep to have it. 

I won’t even get into the Suicide Channel.

What unfortunate truths he tells. People are too content to pretend everything’s okay. Even I am guilty. It’s hard to break such a mentality, it really is. My goal is to constantly challenge myself to break free of that mindset. It’s the only way, really. We don’t have to be quiet about whatever issues are boiling up in this country—but what will it take to cause an uproar?


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