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IB 202 Adventures - 4/18/06

Maybe not as exciting as Ecology lab, but IB 202 lab has its fun. For example, dissecting squid, running gel electrophoresis . . . or scraping out muck from Boneyard Creek in a quest for tiny organisms. Hey, why not?
Below are pictures taken from our most recent lab -- the Sheep Brain dissection, the Cow Eye dissection, and finally, our trip to the creek aforementioned.
We literally scooped up muck and water from the creek in hopes of getting tiny organisms like snails, flatworms, segmented worms, etc. Back in the lab, we took samples of our water and put them under dissecting microscopes. In our prize bucket, we found flatworms! Yay! Then, we tested to see if organisms moved towards or away from light.
Another satisfying day in the life of an IB 202 student.





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