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Feeling Like Crap (not due to illness)? Follow These Steps

For a quick rejuvenation, follow these steps through a course of as little as a day.

- Take a shower.
Cleansing the body soothes and refreshes the soul as well

- Drink tea.
This cleanses the body as well. White tea or green tea is best, but any will do. Water is fine too.

- Stretch.
Maybe it's my gymnast tendencies, but stretching is a wonderful exercise. It relieves tension in the muscles and helps restore the flow of energy through your body. It's a good prerequisite to the next step

- Meditate.
Fine a quiet place to sit or lay. Let your mind relax. Feel the energy flow inside your body; it will feel warm. Allow your senses to disconnect from the world and feel the energy radiate inside your body. Then let your energy radiate outside; not to the physical surroundings, but to a greater realm. At this point, you feel connected to everything on a  higher level. This doesn't have to take long; just a few minutes can help  rejuvenate the spiritual body.

- Eat small portions of simple foods; avoid milk/meat; gradually build up
Whatever you do, DON'T fill yourself with food needlessly, and worse yet, processed, unnatural food. This is a time to cleanse your body. Eat small portions, and space them out. Start with fresh, simple foods that are easy to digest, like fruits and vegetables. Try to lay off the grains, starches, and nuts for now. If you can, avoid the animal products for a while. Gradually reintroduce the milk products and meat products as desired. You can also start to eat grains and bread products. Increase portions as well. On the whole, you should try to avoid processed, packaged foods. Remember, this can be done over the course of a day.

This is a good way to get back on track with feeling healthy and content, assuming you take care of yourself overall.

To maintain a healthy state, keep your body healthy! It's the vessel that carries you through this world. Strive to exercise daily, even if it's just walking; that way, you won't feel bad if you miss a day or two. And, to put simply, don't eat crap food. I find that my mood correlates directly to what kind of food I put in my body.

And meditate! At least a couple of minutes everyday. I meditate at least twice a day, in the morning and at night. It clears your mind and centers you. Knowing yourself and your purpose is one of the most powerful tools a person can own.



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